In a world where technology, means, and methods are evolving at unprecedented speeds, we recognize that each project presents its own unique challenges.

Project by project, Cross NY has built a reputation for first quality work, a positive attitude, and the highest standards of service and integrity.

Step 1: Pre-Construction

During pre-construction we will work closely with the client and design team to develop construction and budget strategies that are realistic. Our first task is to listen. We use preliminary meetings to obtain an accurate understanding of our clients’ objectives, requirements and time sensitivities. Once the entire team is focused on the same goal Cross NY will take a lead role in coordinating all pre-construction activities including:

  • Develop and constantly monitor the project budget
  • Review design drawings at predetermined intervals for value engineering suggestions, constructibility, and ensuring the design is within established budget parameters
  • Review final construction documents to ensure coordination between the various design entities
  • Develop and monitor the critical path schedule for pre-construction and construction tasks
  • Create milestone schedules
  • Identify long lead items
  • Develop procurement strategies
  • Develop and issue pre-purchase packages when necessary
    Chair periodic progress meetings, budget reviews and design reviews and issue minutes
  • Develop and issue subcontractor RFP’s
  • Perform subcontractor bid analysis
  • Issue subcontractor contracts
  • Develop clear, easily understood cost reporting protocols
  • Inspect and document existing conditions of the site prior to beginning construction
  • Assist in permit procurement

Our in-house Maintenance and Service division is capable of quickly responding to our client’s day to day needs.

Step 2: Construction

When construction begins our primary focus turns to quality control and productivity. It starts by creating a clean, safe and organized work site. We maintain a closely and well managed environment that allows our subcontractors to achieve the high level of productivity and quality that we demand. Cross NY takes a fair yet firm approach to managing our subcontractors. We believe that clear and open communication often influences the success of a project. During the construction phase there is no substitute for informed eyes and ears on the site each and every day. Our construction services include:

  • Constant, qualified site supervision
  • Daily monitoring of the construction schedule with particular attention paid to the critical path
  • Coordinate all day to day trade activities
  • Schedule and coordinate the tasks of any “owner direct” vendors or subcontractors
  • Coordinate all project related services provided by the building management
  • Conduct and minute weekly job progress meetings
  • Conduct preliminary shop drawing reviews
  • Issue regular project reporting inclusive of:
    • Cost reports
    • Change order logs
    • Long lead item reports
    • Request for information logs
    • Weekly lists of current drawings and specifications
    • Submittal / approval logs
  • Coordinate the preparation of a master punchlist.
  • Expedite the completion of the master punchlist
  • Prepare and issue project close out package.
  • Coordinate any required training for new equipment or systems